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Friends and champions

Sports at Abington Friends

The Abington Friends School athletics program develops students as athletes, builds a sense of community and develops teams and individuals that are consistently successful at all levels of play and within the Friends Schools League.

The athletic program at AFS embodies the core values of the School through attention to student-athletes’ physical, moral, emotional and social well-being. Developing and maintaining physical fitness, learning skills and strategies and developing good sportsmanship are essential outcomes of each team experience.

“Everything I’ve learned, the very person I have become, has been shaped by AFS. I did Model UN, was the yearbook editor, peer tutored, participated in various math and science activities and played three Varsity sports, one of which I captained.”

The physical and mental challenges of athletic competition combined with the support of teammates and coaches, offer student-athletes the opportunity to develop self-confidence, commitment to others and individual leadership skills fundamental to their long-term growth.

In Lower School the emphasis is on finding areas of interest, experiencing the joy of athletic participation and beginning to develop skills.

In Middle School, student-athletes continue to develop their individual talents while experiencing athletic competition.AFS Track and Cross country

Our Upper School program provides athletic and fitness experiences for all interested students. The athletic department offers a range of interscholastic teams and instructional options with the goal of supporting the development of the whole child.

At the highest levels of play, we  develop student-athletes who are skilled, consistently successful, and if they have the desire and ability, prepared to continue their competitive athletic experience in college.


Interscholastic Teams


Varsity Teams


Middle School Teams


Friends League Championships