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Abington Friends School Tuition

The AFS Distinction:

Mission-driven education. 

As a national leader in Friends education and one of the oldest Quaker schools in the world, AFS is well known for its deep and resonant Quaker identity and spirit of collaboration and community.

High academic standards.

The AFS academic program builds deeps skills in writing, analysis, and research. Students develop a lifelong love of learning through a program that engages them in experiences that build curiosity, cultivate leadership, expand critical thinking skills, and involve reflection. These transformative experiences are the core of an AFS education.

Our class size and student-teacher ratios encourage close connections between instructors and students.

Our community fosters a deep connection between student and teacher. AFS educators see the full dimension of each student and are committed to inspiring them to discover their strengths and stretch their thinking.

AFS graduates are better prepared for college than their peers. 

95% of our graduates say they are better prepared for college compared to their peers. 100% of our graduates go on to a four-year college or university.

Engaged and talented teachers committed to educating the whole child.

Highly-trained experts in their fields, our faculty have the freedom to create a dynamic curriculum. Lifelong learners as well, are constantly engaged in professional-development opportunities that keep them current on effective teaching methodology, practice, and theory.

Hold the highest standards of diversity and inclusion.

At AFS, our diversity and inclusion work is rooted in Critical Consciousness, calling for our community to go beneath the surface and beyond myths to develop a deep understanding. We aim to heighten awareness and personal expression, build meaning and purpose, cultivate values and culture, and encourage discovery, confidence, growth, health, and well-being.

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2024–2025 Tuition

Three and Four Year Old Program (Half Day)


Three and Four Year Old Program (Full Day)




First to Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade


Seventh and Eighth Grade


Ninth to Twelfth Grade


International Students Grades 9-12


  • “When we were looking for a school for our older son, we decided to try AFS for one year. Now 14 years later both our sons are thriving. ”
  • “At AFS we have found a true partnership for the education of our children. As parents and educators we value the dedication of the teachers and staff.”
  • “AFS fosters so much confidence, creativity and curiosity in my children that I couldn’t imagine a more meaningful environment.”