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Middle School Athletics

Our Middle School athletic program serves a critical role in the health and wellness of our  students’ present and future lives. Participation, teamwork, fair play, confidence building and skill development are all integral aspects of Middle School sports.

We encourage athletes to play for two or all three seasons, if they are interested, and we require students to participate in one of the three seasons in 6th-8th grade. Athletic participation is encouraged but not required for students in 5th grade.

Because AFS emphasizes engagement, skill development and team membership at the Middle School level, a wider percentage of students are able to reap the many benefits associated with athletic participation compared to more selective Middle School programs.

Robust student involvement does not preclude the pursuit of competitive success, as AFS Middle School teams take pride in playing their games the right way and playing to win. We look forward to having you join our team.


percent of Middle School students play two or three seasons of athletics


Friends League honorees began their career in AFS' Middle School


athletic seasons played by 5th graders last year


current intercollegiate alumni atheletes begain their career at AFS

Middle School Teams and Schedules


Select a team to see its schedule and team page

* Team schedules are only available during the current season.

Personal Fitness

Middle School Personal Fitness meets during the winter season of athletics and is open to any interested Middle School students, with preference for athletic credit given to 8th graders. Daily AFS Middle School Personal Fitness program activities focus on cardiovascular and strength training.