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What is Quaker Education?

As a Quaker (or Friends) school, Abington Friends School incorporates the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship into the daily life and education of our students. In addition to these testimonies, AFS honors the value that Quakers place on social justice, social action and reflective practices.

Interview the kids at the school and you will see children who are thriving and developing not only their intellectual and athletic capabilities but also their internal moral compass and sense of self. AFS is truly a school developing the whole child.

Parent, AFS Parent Survey

In keeping with Friends’ values, AFS places a high premium on learning through inquiry, experience and reflective practices. Collaboration and opportunities for creativity are built into classroom activities. We seek to foster each student’s strengths and to “hold students in the light” as we find ways to nurture their growth and development.

All students in each division gather weekly for Meeting for Worship, which serves as a time for community members to be still, to listen, to reflect and to share their thoughts with others.

Whenever appropriate we also practice Quaker decision-making. Through clerked meetings, use of silence and reflection, queries based on community welfare and creation of spaces that allow everyone’s voice to be heard, we try to make decisions that represent the whole community.