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College Guidance

College guidance at AFS is a student-centered process based on a philosophy of finding colleges that balance each student’s academic goals with financial and social needs. We measure our success from the reports of our graduates who feel they were well-supported in crafting a college list, completing applications, and matriculating at a school they feel challenged by and successful in.

We Focus on Students

A hallmark of the college guidance process at AFS is the individual focus. From the time students arrive in the Upper School, the Directors of Study help them shape their curriculum choices to match their academic goals. At the midpoint of their high school experience, as students begin the college process, Directors of Study become College Guidance Counselors, building on the foundational relationship started in the course planning process. This continued relationship makes our College Guidance Counselors at once familiar with their students but perhaps most importantly, able to articulate the nuance of their high school choices to admissions officers as they advocate for each student’s admission.

Relationships Matter

Relationship-building is at the heart of our college guidance program. Our college guidance counselors spend a great deal of time with admissions representatives, welcoming them to the AFS campus, introducing them to our curriculum, and learning more about what makes a student the right “fit”. Over time, our counselors have developed close relationships with admissions officers that allow them to speak on behalf of our students, reiterating the strengths of our applicants and how we envision their fit to the school’s mission, community and applicant pool.

The Small School Advantage

This personal, thoughtful and labor-intensive approach is only possible in a small community such as ours. Partnering closely with our students and their families during this important time makes the process more manageable and leads to outstanding outcomes for our students.

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