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Welcome to College Guidance at AFS!

The  College Guidance Team at AFS assists our Upper School students in every step of the journey from Grade 9 course selection to the Grade 12 college admission process. We have a few goals in our work with students. We help advise faculty and students in the right fit course selection for the best conditions for learning for each individual student. We also help families assess academic, social, and financial needs to identify colleges that fit each student well. We are experts at the application and discernment process that comes with choosing the next level of education after AFS.  We’re here for students. We’re here for families. From the complicated questions to the simple assurance that there is someone who understands this process working on your behalf, we’re happy to guide you on this intellectual adventure. 

Calendar of Events 2021 – 2022 School Year

  • Virtual Parent/Guardian Webinar: Standardized Testing, hosted by Compass Education Group

    • Tuesday, November 9 @ 7-9pm

    • Open to 9th-11th grade families

  • 11th Grade College Night: An overview of the college process

    • Tuesday, November 30 @ 7-9pm

    • Open to 11th grade families only

    • Information to be provided on whether this event is virtual or in-person

  • Virtual Parent/Guardian Webinar: College 101

    • Tuesday, December 7 @ 7-8:30pm

    • Open to all Upper School families

  • Virtual Parent/Guardian Webinar: Reading Your Financial Aid Award Letter

    • Thursday, December 3 @ 7-8:30pm

    • Open to 12th grade families only

  • Virtual Parent/Guardian Webinar: Athletic Recruitment

    • Monday, March 7 @ 7-8:30pm

    • Open to 9th-11th grade families

  • Virtual Parent/Guardian Webinar: Studying in the Arts

    • Thursday, April 14 @ 7-8:30pm

    • Open to 9th-11th grade families

Here’s how to reach us:

Mal Goss, Director of College Guidance, 215.576.3066


Joanna Upmeyer, Associate Director of College Guidance, 215-881-7686


Maryann Cummiskey, College Guidance, Administrative Assistant and Registrar, 215-576-3955


College Application Resources:

We realize that much of the work students and families will do in the college application process will be outside of regular school-day hours. We have compiled a brief list of online resources that we frequently reference in our college meetings and evening programs so that you can easily access them when necessary.  

Comprehensive Guide

NACAC Guide to the College Admissions Process

The College Search:

Big Future
College Scorecard


The Common Application

Standardized Testing:

Test Optional Schools

Financial Aid:

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)
CSS Profile
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA)