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Blackbaud Tuition Management FAQs

How do I access my account information? Parents/Guardians can login to Blackbaud Tuition Management’s site , click on First Time User and create their user name and password.

What is billed on my Blackbaud Tuition Management Invoice? Tuition and ALL fees including transportation, extended day, enrichment, library, drop-in, etc.

When will my payment be due? AFS offers the following payment plan options*:

*For all plans, families can select either the 1st or 16th of the month as a due date.

Number of Payments  Months Payment Due Enrollment Fee
1 July None
2 July/November None
10 Monthly May through February $56

How will I be notified of my invoices? Blackbaud Tuition Management will send you an invoice 20 days prior to the due date either by email or regular mail, depending on which option you select. If you choose the auto withdrawal plan, Blackbaud Tuition Management will email a reminder to you 10 days prior to the due date.

How can I pay my bill? You can choose to pay by check or credit/debit card, by phone, online or through automatic payments from your bank account. You can change your payment method whenever you wish but please note you must contact AFS at least 5 days prior to the due date in order to avoid any late/payment fail fees.

What credit cards does Blackbaud Tuition Management accept? Blackbaud Tuition Management accepts VISA™, MasterCard™, American Express™ and Discover™ credit and debit cards. Please note that a 3.12% convenience fee applies. However, if you have your payments come automatically out of your bank account, there is no convenience fee.

How do I pay by check?  If you would like to use your checking account to pay, you can mail a check, make a one-time payment online, call in a payment by phone, or set up automatic monthly payments directly from your checking or savings account. If you are mailing a check, please mail it to Blackbaud Tuition Management at PO BOX 11731, Newark, NJ 07101-4731. Please remember to include your Blackbaud Tuition Management Family ID.

Can I pay using my bank’s online bill pay service? Yes, you can utilize your bank’s online bill pay service to send payments to Blackbaud Tuition Management. Please note: Online bill pay might not electronically transfer funds to Blackbaud Tuition Management; instead, your bank may mail a paper check to us. Blackbaud Tuition Management advises you to set up your online bill pay to occur at least 7-10 days prior to your due date to ensure the check is received and processed by your scheduled due date.

What happens if I don’t make a payment on time? Payments are due on or before your due date. There is no grace period. A late fee of $40 will be assessed to your account if a payment is not received, in full, by the due date selected. Blackbaud Tuition Management will contact the primary account holder by telephone and email if a payment is not received by the due date. This fee is assessed by Blackbaud Tuition Management and cannot be waived by AFS.

What happens if a payment fails? In the event that a payment fails, a $30 bank fee will be applied to your account. Your payment will be re-attempted 10 days later; if the re-attempt fails, another $30 bank fee will be applied to the account. . If you know a payment is going to fail, you must contact AFS at least 5 days prior to the due date in order to avoid any late/payment fail fees.

I just realized my tuition is due in less than two days, what is the quickest way to make a payment? Blackbaud Tuition Management offers two immediate payment options including:

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding my bill? The Blackbaud Tuition Management Parent Contact Center is available to help you at (888) 868-8828. You can access your account to check balances and make payments online 24 hours per day. The Blackbaud Tuition Management Parent Contact Center team is able to:

  • Provide you with balance and account information
  • Take a payment or update your payment information
  • Review your payment history
  • Update your personal and contact information
  • Provide or change your online username and password
  • Address concerns regarding your account