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Congratulations on receiving your AFS admission notification! Now it is time to celebrate and complete your next steps to enrollment.

1. Plan your next visit to AFS.

Newly Enrolled Upper School Students will attend testing. Contact the Upper School office for more information.

Newly Enrolled Middle School Students will attend testing. Contact the Middle School office for more information.

Newly Enrolled Lower School Students are invited to attend a Pizza Party in the spring. Contact Lindsay Newlon to register.

2. Chat with your admission representative about any questions you may have.

Lower School, Lindsay Newlon, 215.576.3972

Middle School, Sylvia Devietti, 215.576.3986

Upper School, Lynn Willson, 215.690.7679

3. Log into our enrollment portal to become familiar with the system. (only available on or after February 1)

Your username and password is the same as when you completed the application. (This is where your enrollment checklist and contract will appear).

4. Apply for tuition assistance.

If you are interested in tuition assistance, all forms should be completed and submitted via SSS by the preferred due date of  January 12. AFS school code is 1030.

5.  Accept the enrollment offer.

An enrollment offer should be accepted within two weeks of receiving an offer.  There will be a checklist to complete on our enrollment portal.(on or after February 1)

6. Plan ahead.

You can read all about being a new family at AFS. Here are some helpful web pages.

New Families 

Parent Reviews

AFS Publications