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Making AFS Affordable For Your Family

Many families aren’t sure if their personal budget can incorporate independent school tuition rates. There are many resources available to guide you as you consider the cost of the AFS experience. We are committed to helping families discover practical and manageable ways to pay for a distinctive education in which their child will flourish. At AFS, we are skilled in educating families on tuition management options. We encourage you to apply and to reach out to an admissions representative to learn more.

Among the options we can tell you more about:

  • 529 savings plans for an AFS education
    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act expanded the use of 529 financial savings plans to allow savers to include independent school expenses. This allows you to use up to $10,000 per child per year from your 529 plan for tuition.
  • Flexible tuition payment plans
    Our Admission and Business offices work with SMART tuition management services to create a payment schedule that works for each individual family.
  • Tax-advantaged Coverdell education savings programs
    Money in a Coverdell ESA must be used for qualified education expenses – any non-qualified withdrawals may be subject to a penalty. Unlike other educational savings accounts, a Coverdell isn’t limited to higher education. Certain elementary and secondary educational expenses also qualify.
  • Contributions from grandparents or other family members
    One in six families with children at independent school relies on the grandparents to help with the school fees. There are options to elect on a gift-tax form to front load more contributions into a 529 plan.
  • Education loans
    We encourage families to discuss education loans with a bank or financial advisor, since there are many options available to meet specific needs. 
  • Scholarships and merit awards
    AFS offers a competitive Honors Scholarship Program for students entering Grade 5 –11. First-round Honors Scholarship candidates are required to participate in Leadership Day activities in January.
  • Tuition assistance and need-based financial aid
    Financial aid packages will vary significantly from school to school. Read more about our philosophy on tuition assistance and find out if you may qualify by reaching out to an admission representative.

The National Association for Independent Schools is a reliable and helpful resource when researching how to manage the costs of an independent school.  As a member of NAIS, we look to the Association for leadership in easing the Independent School application and tuition process.