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Getting to Know… Dan Taboada

What is your role at AFS?

As Director of Student Support and Wellbeing, I work with families, students, and faculty to ensure all members of the community feel supported and experience a robust sense of belonging. Additionally, I supervise and coordinate the learning support and counseling services provided to our students. I’m excited to work closely with faculty and students over the next year to create a framework to ensure that all students reach their potential.

What is your favorite activity or program that you lead/participate in at AFS and why?

As a longtime member of the Student Support Team, I have the distinct pleasure of meeting with students and parents along their entire journey throughout AFS. It is one of the greatest privileges to be able to see our young people develop their voice, learn to think critically, and become beacons of goodness in the world. Witnessing this growth provides me with a constant reminder that institutions of Friends education, and in particular Abington Friends School, is a place where we teach students not only to learn but to be change agents in the world.

If given the chance, who would you like to have dinner with (anyone in history, living or past) and why?

Raul Julia. He is a hero in the Puerto Rican community, renowned for performing Shakespeare at the highest level while proudly displaying his Latino accent. He tirelessly worked on human rights issues and always sought to bring the beauty of the arts to marginalized communities. And he did it all with flair, compassion, and humility.

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