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  • Rainbows & Fantastic Faces in an AFS Everywhere Artwork Gallery

Rainbows & Fantastic Faces in an AFS Everywhere Artwork Gallery

Art Class in Private School in Philadelphia


Lower School Art teacher Amanda Milz shared some of the amazing AFS Everywhere artwork that resulted from two projects she has been working on with students and their families at home during the Coronavirus crisis.

Families around the world have taken to displaying rainbows in their windows as a way to share a message of hope and connectedness and to show appreciation to the essential workers on the frontlines. For their very first AFS Everywhere art assignment, Lower school students focused on Rainbows. They learned about the order of the colors in the rainbow and practiced drawing curved rainbow lines with Amanda over zoom, then created their own rainbows using materials that they could find around the house. The results were creative and, of course, colorful ad used a variety of materials from marker to collage and clay.

Students in lower school learned about the features of the face for their Making Faces AFS Everywhere assignment. They experimented with how the placement, size and shape of the features of a face can create emotive expressions. The young artists viewed at a chart of faces depicting a range of emotions with Amanda and discussed and considered the features of each one. They then were asked to pick an emotion that they would like to portray and used recyclable and collage materials to assemble their faces. A full range of feelings were created from angry, scared and frustrated to happy and peaceful.

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