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At Abington Friends School, we approach education with bold convictions. We are motivated by the knowledge that the work of teaching and learning is vitally important, and we are inspired by the Quaker belief that each student in our care is gifted with remarkable potential. Thoughtful explorations in the classroom and beyond nurture this potential, with a focus on seeking deeper understanding and building the powers of analytical and creative thinking and strong, clear self-expression. Founded in 1697, Abington Friends is one of the nation’s earliest schools, yet also one that is exceptionally forward-thinking. We embrace educational innovation, are driven by a shared commitment to diversity, equity and social progress, and prepare our students for more—not only to thrive in college but also to face the future with a sturdy sense of self. Our students possess the tools it takes to make a difference in a world that needs them. 

Learn More in our Guide to the Brand below. 

AFS Marketing Tools

A Guide to the Brand

Our brand is much more than our name, logo and colors. It is a complex structure of many parts, including a strong verbal identity that helps personify our Quaker mission. 

As an important member of the AFS community, our promise of who we are and how we are different is something you already experience each day.

The Guide to the Brand is designed to help you express the value of the AFS experience when you are speaking with a prospective parent at an art show, on the sidelines, at an open house or chatting with neighbors at a block party. Here’s how: 

1. Familiarize yourself with the Purpose Statement 

Our Purpose Statement is the internal description of the motivations and aspirations of Abington Friends School. This statement fuels the Key Phrases to Remember. 

2. Lean into the Key Phrases 

Key phrases act as headlines or bullet points for any conversation about AFS. These phrases are the crux of the verbal identity—the specific wording you should use. 

3. Reflect on your experience at AFS 

Identify a moment, memory or milestone that can support each key phrase as a story. Not only will this make the phrases easier to remember, but you’ll also be able to start or contribute to a conversation more organically. 

4. Share your stories 

As your journey at AFS continues, your collection of stories rooted in the key phrases will grow. We encourage you to share them with the Marketing and Communications team at 

AFS Logos/Seal

Our  logos are important school and marketing elements that convey our visual identity. The logos help convey the distinction of the exemplary Pre-K through grade 12 Quaker education that takes place at Abington Friends School.

It is important for those both within and outside of Abington Friends School to have access to the logos but to also know when it is appropriate to use the logos. The AFS logo combines two elements: the AFS initial logotype, and the tagline. These elements should never be changed. Position, size, and color, along with the spatial and proportional relationships of the AFS logo elements, are predetermined and should not be altered. Used consistently, they will reinforce public awareness of the school.

Reference the AFS design guidelines for more instructions. Click the below logos to download.

     .eps logo in pantone 2965C (coated)

    .eps logo in pantone 2965U(uncoated)

     .eps logo in cmyk 2965

        .eps logo in cmyk black

.eps seal

The AFS athletics logo requires separation from the other elements around it. The logo must alway fit into the clear space area and can not be intervened by other graphical elements that could hinder legibility.

.jpg circle stamp Roo Athletics logo

.jpg circle stamp Roo School logo

.jpg circle stamp logo

.jpg horizontal athletics logo


AFS Style Guide

Our identity guideline is a tool designed to project the image, values, and aspirations behind Abington Friends School.

It is the cornerstone of all communication efforts and must be followed carefully to ensure a consistent style and quality of presentation. Every participating institution is responsible for representing or coordinating the use of the brand along with an individual institution’s brand.


AFS Publications and Marketing Channels

You can reference @abingtonfriends social media accounts on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Oak Leaves, the official magazine of Abington Friends School is produced twice a year by the Communications Department and contains stories about the AFS Community, alumni news and notes, and photos of school events from throughout the school year.

The Marketing, Communications and Admission Departments produce multiple publications throughout the year for prospective families.

View all of the latest publications here.

AFS Templates

In order to support and empower individuals and the AFS community to promote their AFS events we are providing the following 8 1/2 x 11 (document size) flyer templates. Please reference the design guidelines for help with fonts and image sizes. We encourage you to use these templates to promote any events happening on campus.

Microsoft Word template

Canva template

Google Slide Deck template with images (can be exported into Power Point)

You may also contact Marketing or Communications for help using these templates.

Submit your own AFS stories, videos and photos to AFS!