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Initiative with Technology

With three classmates, Joseph Rotella ’20 designed a ”choose your own adventure” online game after the one they used in his 6th grade Social Sciences class turned out to be underwhelming. Here’s how Joseph describes the project:

“We ran through the game and just decided it was not a very fun experience so after doing a bit more research we decided to make our own. We studied the Punic Wars and wrote up our own scenarios and then wrote up the code.

I’ve been interested in computers for a long time. It was always something I was really fascinated by, the potential to learn stuff. It plays to my interest in mathematics. I learned some of what I know from teachers and some from Upper School students, but also a lot of it on my own. In the last year I’ve really started to get into coding but I’ve been interested in technology for the last two or three years.

On Many Voices One Community Day I had a lot of fun teaching other students to code. Some of them caught on and it was cool to see other people doing what I did. I enjoy being able to share. I’m still learning and working at it. “

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