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Alicia E. Fernández

Alicia E. Fernández

Lower School Spanish Teacher
B.A. Kendall College
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Alicia has been a part of the AFS community since 2007. Formerly she was a PreK teacher at NAEYC accredited program, summer college camp registrar, and purchasing/materials coordinator.

Alicia’s favorite part about working in the AFS community: The joy and laughter I experience with colleagues, students and their families on a daily basis. And, the many opportunities for professional and personal growth alongside interesting, intelligent and talented colleagues and friends.”

What Alicia finds most meaningful in her profession: Helping students discover their inner and outer beauty, self-worth and gifted strengths and then help them develop those strengths into regular habits of mind is extremely rewarding to me. Knowing that I have helped students move forward with skills they will use for the rest of their lives is gratifying and truly fulfilling.”

Fun fact about Alicia: I have an intense fear (phobia) of walking (standing, running, jumping, etc.) over grates, street and storm drains.”

Alicia’s favorite spot on campus: Meetinghouse”