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AFS Joins National Walkout Against Gun Violence

March 16, 2018

At AFS, the school took part in the 17-minute walkout in hopes of sustaining attention about ending gun violence in our schools and communities and lifting up the Quaker values of peace and non-violence.

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A Letter from Rich Nourie about the National School Walkout

March 12, 2018

The Head of School explains why AFS will participate in the 17-minute national school walkout on March 14, which is intended to bring sustained attention to gun violence in our schools and communities.

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A Letter by Rich Nourie in Response to the Tragedy in Florida

February 17, 2018

The Head of School writes that empowerment is a powerful antidote to anxiety and encourages AFS families to find voice and channels of civic engagement that are essential to moving our country forward.

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A Discussion about Breaking the Binary of Sex and Gender

February 16, 2018

One of the panelists spoke about the need to validate the existence of a multitude of genders. A parent reminded the audience that a child's exploration of gender was a journey for a parent, too.

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Evan Greenberg Lecture: Sowing Seeds of Peace in the World

February 9, 2018

Daniel Moses described the work that his organization, Seeds of Peace, is doing to try to develop young leaders to bring peace to regions in conflict.

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A Video of AFS ‘King Day of Service,’ Thoughts about His Life of Extraordinary Achievement

January 19, 2018

Head of School Rich Nourie spoke about what had motivated Dr. King and volunteers sang songs and listened to inspirational quotes before heading off to work on projects for those in need.

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A December Letter from the Head of School

December 16, 2017

May the themes of hope, peace and promise lift your spirits this special season of the year.
— Rich Nourie

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Parent Reviews Highlight Our Commitment to Academic Excellence, Community and Diversity

December 1, 2017

The results of the 2017-2018 survey were posted on a website that bills itself as 'The Parent's Guide to Philadelphia.'

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‘Planting a Seed’ of Change at a Community Conversation

November 10, 2017

AFS was a sponsor of a public forum on race and racism that drew 280 people to a Jenkintown theater for the screening of a documentary film and a community conversation afterward.

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Here, There and Everywhere

November 6, 2017

Global Travel Night drew a standing room only crowd. Enthusiastic parents and students learned all about this year's travel and study opportunities to Costa Rica, Tasmania and Hurricane Island in Maine.

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