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Rich Nourie on the Vision for Education at AFS

March 21, 2017

Our students are immersed in a breadth of experience, as we seek to provide a distinctive education that speaks to every dimension of who our children are as human beings.

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A Film, and Then Conversations about Race

March 17, 2017

Upper School students attended a screening of the film “I’m Not Racist… Am I?” and then met in small groups to reflect on points that were made in the movie.

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A Lesson in the Circle of Life

March 10, 2017

How two experienced preschool teachers helped students navigate the loss of 'Popcorn,' a pregnant guinea pig who was a classroom favorite.

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A Student’s Small Idea Grows Into Something Big

February 27, 2017

A Middle Schooler, distressed at seeing children playing soccer while barefoot, organizes a shoe-donation drive that collects 3,000 cleats, sneakers and other shoes.

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Impromptu Discussions Highlight Quaker Youth Leadership Conference

February 21, 2017

“QYLC was a beautiful way to interact and connect with new people, communities and environments," wrote one of the six AFS students who attended the conference in Brooklyn.

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A Thoughtful Conversation about Religion

February 10, 2017

A panel of three clergymen spoke openly about their own spiritual questions and beliefs, the misconceptions about their faiths and the trends they see in the decade ahead for their religions.

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A Conversation About Religion on February 7

January 30, 2017

Religious leaders from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths will be discussing current issues, their spiritual communities and paths toward peaceful resolution of conflicts in today’s world.

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MLK Day at AFS a ‘Magnificent Expression of Community and Spirit’

January 16, 2017

Head of School Rich Nourie described a "quiet but powerful energy" that was felt throughout the campus as 600 people volunteered for service projects to help those in need.

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AFS Outside Committee Considers Next Projects

December 19, 2016

A focus on environmental sustainability at AFS may be the next initiative ahead. About a dozen faculty members and administrators held a brainstorming session.

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Students Lead a Memorable ‘Many Voices Day’

December 5, 2016

Afterward, one student wrote, “This was a great day because I felt so safe expressing who I am. I leave this day with no regrets, but hope that this will continue into the future.”

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