Annual Report

Reflects gifts made between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021

Abington Friends School 2020-2021

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to publish this Annual Report and publicly recognize our community members including alumni, current and former parents, School Committee members, grandparents, friends, faculty and staff who have joined together to help lift up our school in this past year through their philanthropic support.

In a school year that began and ended in a global pandemic, we saw our community demonstrate remarkable resilience and create new and deep connections with one another. We continue to approach education with bold convictions. We are motivated by the knowledge that the work of teaching and learning is vitally important, and we are inspired by the Quaker belief that each student in our care is gifted with remarkable potential. 

We are deeply grateful to each of the donors listed herein who has made a gift this past fiscal year (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) in support of this purpose, and we are humbled to report that annual contributions from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends surpassed our expectations and totaled more than $1.182 million this past fiscal year.

We hope that every member of the AFS community will consider joining these donors in the 2021-2022 school year. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference – especially as AFS continues to nimbly adapt to serve our students through the unusual circumstances of the pandemic. Please consider making your own gift to demonstrate your support for AFS and to help us fulfill our vision as a Quaker school and fully prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities ahead of them. 

On behalf of our students, faculty, staff and administration, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of those who made a gift in the 2020-2021 school year. With your continued support, we are excited to continue to accomplish great things ahead.

With Gratitude,

Devin Schlickmann

Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement & Director of Admission


The Fund for AFS is a necessary and essential component of the school’s operating budget and makes the school’s tuition assistance program possible.

Head of School Society

John Barnes Trustees ($25,000+)

Faulkner Family Foundation

+++Gail Faulkner and John Oyler P’95 P’97 P’98 P’00

+++Juliet Faulkner Perry ’95 and Grant Perry

+++Jocelyn Faulkner Casey ’97 and James Casey

+++Lucinda Faulkner Friedman ’98 and Scott Friedman

+++Harry Faulkner ’00 and Angela Faulkner

Mrs. Edward J. Goodman P’99 G’35, Hilary Goodman +++Sperling ’99 P’35 and Brian Sperling P’35

Anonymous (1)

Oak Tree Circle ($10,000 – $24,999)

Allison Kanofsky Berg ’89 and Larry Berg

Judy Notley Burke ’79 and Tom Burke

David◆ and Gwen Campbell P’11 P’14 P’21 

Lynn Des Prez ’66

Gary Furda P ’24

Susan Salesky Rudin ’57 ◆ 

Anonymous (1)

Tyson House Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)

Marc and David Berman P’19 P’20

Donna Bleznak-Keller and Stefan Keller P’23

Marcia Boraas and Eugene Lugano P’10 P’13

Coggeshall Family Foundation and
+++Stefannie Todd Coggeshall ’50

Chris D’Angelo ’98 and Katie D’Angelo

Mary Lynn AFSA and Paul Ellis P’01 P’03

Clifford Hudis ’77 and Jane Hudis

Linda Katz G’31 G’34

Benjamin Lloyd and Susan McKey P’17 P’21

Kevin and Margie McGlynn P’09 P’11

Gemma and Jonathan Mears

Tracey ◆ and Rod Sandmeyer P’08 P’11 

Irvin ◆ and Marilyn Schorsch P’20

Jane Frieder Wilf ’84 and Mark Wilf

Meetinghouse Circle ($1,698 – $4,999)

Kenneth and Diane Ahl P’01 P’05

Elaine and Reed Asplundh P’22 G’31

Carol and Bruce Beaton P’10

Jordan and Deanna Berman G’04 G’06 G’08 G’19 G’20

Karin Borgmann-Winter P’14

Stephanie and Rusty Carfagno

Stephen Collins and Jeanne DiVincenzo P’07 P’10

Julie and Brad Copeland P’22 P’26 P’28

Paula ● Cohen Corbman and Scott Corbman P’03 

Alix and Nick Davatzes P’23 P’27

Matt Eskin ● and Kristin Romens P’27 P’32

Beth Sears Gadsden ’71

Jason and Elisabeth Hess 

Maria Kiernan and Sal Rotella P’20

Peter Kollros and Barbara Konkle P’00 P’03

Alex and Kim Mills P’22 P’24 

Dick Nourie G’10 G’13 and Martha Nourie

Rich and Robin Nourie P’10 P’13

Andrea and Jack Platt P’17

Mira Rabin and Thomas Whitman P’19

Jane Rovins and Jonathan Korein P’07 P’15 G’27

Arlen and Marijke Shenkman P’25

Gabrielle Tubach ’57

Zhiqing Zhang and Yuyan Zhou P’21

Anonymous (1)

1697 Circle ($1,697)

Jonathan Makler ’95 and Elise Makler

Friends Circle ($1,000 – $1,696)

Abington Monthly Meeting of Friends

Joan Brantz G’15

Thomas Bengtson

Becca Ethridge Bubb ’02 ◆ and
+++Mike Bubb ’03 P’33 P’35 

Melissa● and Jim Calder P’32 P’35

Jeanne Calloway ● and Isaac Saposnik P’32 

Mitz Carr ’83

Jennifer Couzin-Frankel and Richard Frankel P’27

Rebecca Drees Coyne ’89 and Daniel Coyne

Rachel and David Darwin P’31 P’34

Tia Duer ’67 and Brian Barger

Dennis Durbin P’12 P’17 and Sarah Durbin

Annette Eddowes-Kiernan and
+++Matthew Kiernan P’21 P’23

William and Phyllis Gallagher P’98 P’00 P’02 P’05

Lauren Gold ’13

Ed and Mary Hayes G’19 G’21 

Shelley Hedlund and Brie Radis P’32

Melissa Henry P’27

Suzanne Alston Hodges ’85 AFSA ◆ and
+++Keith Hodges P’18 P’20 

Maija Jansson ’56

Beverly Floyd Johnson ’66

Maggie Keane and Steve Locke P’13 P’15

Albert and Alicia Kent P’26

Mathai and Mary Kurien P’10

Hongbo Li and Wenman Wu P’22

Bruce Lockman P’01 P’05

William and Susan Lockwood P’90 P’92

Charles and Clarabon Logan P’87

Valerie Lush and Betty Danley P’21

Andrea and Thomas Macey P’17

Lynne Koolpe Mass AFSA and Burton Mass G’20

Anne Peterson Ogan ’65 and Nick Ogan

Bethany Perry and Seth Newman P’19 P’21

Shalimar Reddy ’98 and Carl Ridenhour P’18 P’33

Victoria Decker Rosskam ’71 AFSA

Devin ● and Megan Schlickmann 

Adam Schorsch ’03 ◆ and Melissa Ward Schorsch ’03 

Robin Shane and Jonathan Shandall P’22 P’25

Richard Simon ’82

Michael◆ and Chelsea Sperger P’15 P’18 P’21 

Debbie Stauffer AFSA and Carol Palmer AFSA P’08

Mary S. Strang ’46

Marianna and Michael Sullivan P’94 P’98 G’27 G’30

Christine Washington P’94 G’23

Linda Weintraub ’55

David and Susan Wolk P’07

Michael Wolk ’07

Gifts of $999 and below

Bilal and Nekeisha Abdul-Hakim P’33

Nancy Abel P’77

James Achterberg P’81 P’84 AFSA

Kathy Adams-House ’65 and Jeff House

Angie Adams AFSA ’09

Bianca Adams ’14

Sonia  Adams P’09 P’14

Gerry and Richard Adelman P’99

Alicia and Christopher Agoglia P’14 P’16

Jennifer and Kai Aguilar P’21 P’23

Richard Ahl ’05 and Samantha Rothberg

Subha Airan-Javia◆ and Luv Javia P’27 P’30

Hakim Abdus-Salaam and Karima Alderman P’24

Marjorie Adams Alexander ’54

Jamie and Jeffrey Alper P’27

Jean Nicholas Alsentzer ’51 P’75

Marilyn Amento P’12 P’13

Lisa ● and Drew Ammirati P’35

John and Lynn Apfelbaum P’01 P’04

Barbara Berger Aronson ’70

Benjamin and Jane Ashcom P’84

Racquel and Winston Assaye P’26

Syerita Avant P’28

Adrienne Avery AFSA and William Avery P’16 P’20

Gretchyn and Troy Bailey P’15

Cindy Balick P’13 P’19 P’19◆ 

Nathan Balsham ’84

Garland and Donna Barr G’25

Karen Barrett ●

Antonia Batts P’13

June Bear G’03

Barry Bedrick AFSA and Susan Bedrick

Drew ● and Tiffanie Benfer P’24

Doris Benfer G’24

Erin Bengtson ● and Brian Cassady ● P’33 P’35

Daena and Eli Berdougo P’27

Heather Berkenstock P’24

Scott Berman ’08

Max Bezahler and Amy Celentano P’09

Christopher Biehn ’83 and Julie Biehn

Kenneth Biehn P’83

Nina and David Bisbee P’16

Kimberly Bishop ’90

Lowell and Richard Booth

Ann ● and Scott Botel-Barnard P’98 P’06

Colleen and Edmund Bowman P’13

Reid Bramblett and Frances Sayers P’26

Stewart Bramson G’27

Amy Brantz Bedrick and Edward Bedrick P’15

Wendy Browder P’89 AFSA

Mildred Brown G’23

Kara Brownlie ’17

Mary Buckman ’74

Karen and Boyce Budd G’22 G’27

Lisa ● and Michael Budd P’22 P’27

Bobbie Bullard G’30

Jordan Burkey ●

Christopher Buzby AFSA and Alison McCormick AFSA

Beata Buzek and David Steinberg P’25

Loyda Camacho◆ and Jerry Fluellen P’20 P’20

Kathleen and Daniel Cameron P’16 P’20

Emily Camp-Landis P’22

Renie ● and David Campbell P’02 P’04

Valerie Carr G’19

Lynn Carroll and JoAnn Puccella P’24

Christine Carson P’96

Regis and Ana Carvalho P’28 P’31

Michael and Maureen Caulfield P’09

Riza and Stephen Cebula

Steven Chadwin AFSA and Sherrea Chadwin

Sean and Song Chen P’28

Arthur and Marcia Chernoff P’01

Alice Atkinson Christie ’63

Christopher Churchill P’08

Lisa and Artur Cideciyan P’21

Roger Clark G’30

Thomas and Terri Clark P’11

Christine Lapp Clayton ’56

Deborah Co and Walter Weir P’22

Jodi Bornstein and Patrick Cobbs P’24

Amy and Michael Cohen P’20

Dana Stott Cohen ’68

Linda Cohen P’82

Reina and Michael Cohen P’23 P’26

Kathleen ● and Vincent Coleman

Richard Collier

Patricia Conroy

Nancy Salkin Cooper ’66

Edith Eberly Corson ’47 and Osmon Corson

Laura Miller Craig ’84

Elizabeth Lamb Creighton ’60

Stacey and Daniel Cunitz P’22

Desmond Daniels ’17

Joan Ebert Davies ’61

Carolyn Parry Decker ’57

Keri and Jason Delp P’29

Ruth Deming P’91

Cheryl DeStefano P’11 AFSA

William Doerr

Marsha and Joseph Dratch P’00

Eileen Terry Dunkleberger ’72

Susan Roy Dymek ’81

Anne Egan G’21 G’25

Elizabeth Egan and Jeff Peterson P’21 P’25

Janine and Mehdi Ehsani P’19

Alysse Einbender P’09 P’15

William and Carole Ellerbee P’93

Andrea Emmons ● and Won Yoon P’24

Mary Eno AFSA and Dan Wagner

Scott Erman ’86 and Nancy Erman

Robert and Doris Fanelli P’04 P’07

Patrese Feamster ’88 and Raphael Chandler P’26

Paul and Pnina Feiner G’22

Sharon Feiner P’22

Sally Fenley P’93 AFSA

Anne Fields ●

Carol Fine ’79

Rebecca Fisher ’13

Alexandra and Jude Flannery P’29

Joyce Greenawalt Fleming ’60 and David Fleming

Nica Waters Fleming and Rob Fleming P’18 P’20

Lana and Leon Fogelman P’27

Joseph and Bonny Forbes P’06

Phyllis Ford P’97 P’01

Susan Fox ’64

Stephen and Barbara Foxman P’07

Patricia Frankel G’24

Dawn Gordon Franklin

Laurie Toll Franz ’88

Jenny French ’69 P’09

Karl Frey G’23

Carol Frieder AFSA and
+++Samuel Frieder P’76 P’80 P’82 P’85

Sindy Paul Friedman ’75 and Oren Friedman

Dianne Furphy and Brian Fitzhenry P’26

Judith Chestnut Fuss ’63

Michael Gaines and Iris Coloma-Gaines

Neal and Wendy Gale P’26

Beverly Gandolfo AFSA

Andrea Garner P’20

John Garnevicus ● and Courtney Vowels P’29 P’31

Kira and Thomas Gartner P’17

Len and Kate Garza P’13 P’14 P’15

Abby Gatenby AFSA and Robert Gatenby P’99 P’04

Dominique Gerard ● and Brian Knowles

Tirthankar and Sreemati Ghosh P’12

Bree and Marcus Giamatti P’27 P’30 P’33

Gabrielle Giddings AFSA and Glenn Giddings P’17

Sarah Giddings G’17

Sigrid Wasum Gilbert ’57 and John Russell

Tony Godwin AFSA and Amy Godwin

Marla Gold and Debra Brady P’22

Wendy Goldberg ’86

Grace Gonglewski and Eric Schoefer P’21

Amy Gordon ●

Gwenn Pavlovitz Graboyes ’72 and Joseph Graboyes

Glenn Gray and Jillian Howden P’25 P28 P’31

Barry and Jeanette Green P’92

Beverly ● and Stephen Green P’85 P’88

Daniel and Jill Green P’10

Robin Green P’06

Susan Greene ’80

Lisa Greenwood  P’17 P’19 P’25

James and Carol Gross P’05 P’08

Robert Grundmeier and Robert Bettiker P’24

Margaret Guerra ● and Frank Fisher ’79 AFSA P’19

William Guhl ’92

Ann Packer Guillot ’66

Audra and Matthew Gurin P’12 P’14

Jennifer Bornholdt Hammond ’86 AFSA and
+++Craig Hammond

Fitim and Suzana Hamza P’24

Karen J. Hanson ’72 and McWelling Todman P’10

Katharine Essick Harms ’48

Margaret Harrington and Mark Emery P’21

Cathy High Harris ’64

Barbara Hutchinson Hartman ’63

Victoria Hartung ’58

Maureen Hayes P’28 P’33

Michael Hecht ’89 and Jennifer Hecht

Carl Hemenway P’04 ◆

Robert and Charlene Hills P’06 P’08

Theresa Hipp G’24 G’27

Nancy Abel Hoffenberg ’65

Megan Bellwoar Hollinger ● and
+++Michael Hollinger P’15 P’23

Ebony and Jason Holloway P’29 P’31 P’32

Jane Stone Horn ’47 and Irving Horn

Xiaofang Huang and Yong Chen P’19

Bonita ● and Andy Huggins

Suzanne Sachs Hunter ’59

Joyce Leonard Johnson ’60

Susan King Jones ’67

David Jordan G’18

Pamela Jordan P’25

Shana Judd ’09

Mark Kahn ’75 and Lauren Kahn P’14 P’17

Laine ● and Fred Kaplan

Justin Kaplan and Diana Brody P’05 P’08

Heidi Kapusta and Bradford Diver P’23

Stephanie Hindin Katz ’70 and Stan Katz

Hoss Kholghi ● and Victoria Mikus

Kimberly and Daniel Kilpatrick P’22

Sheila Kilpatrick G’22

Gerald and Kathryn Klein G’25

Robert Knox ’93

Nancy Goldman Koenigsberg ’45

Abraham Kruger ’00

Jessica Kurtz P’33

Nicole Kurtz ’14

Wayne Kurtz ● and
+++Lisa Treadway-Kurtz ● P’14 P’18 P’22

Fiona Kyck and Paul Rossi P’24 P’27

Toya Lacey P’22

Brian Lackman ’05

Tanya ● and Brian Lancaster P’31

Lisa Laura and Douglas Pearce P’21

Miriam Laver ’83  and Andrew Freedman

Nina Letherer P’20 P’23

Keith Levinson and Paulette London P’05 P’11

Claudia Lewis P’17 P’20 P’22◆ 

Roseanne Liberti ● P’15 P’16

Margaret Lockwood ’90 and William Ross

William Lockwood III ’92

Charles Lockyer

David Loder

Christopher Logan ’76 and Heidi Logan

Kyle and Leslie Logan P’29

Richard and Molly Logan P’76

Kathy Lopez ●

Jillian Ma ●

Todd and Susan Makler P’92 P’95

Raji ● and Thalia Malik P’16 P’24 P’28

Katie Mangum P’33 P’35

Vin Manta ’13

Courtney Marsallo AFSA

Elizabeth and Kenneth Martin P’23

Patricia Martin G’26

Suzanne Martin and Scott Rubin P’24

Virginia R. Martin and Robert Comis P’98

Linette Martinez P’23

Bonnie Dayton Masland ’59

Judith Mason P’07

Cris Maxwell ● P’07

Colette Mayfield P’10 P’11

John McCabe AFSA

Cynthia and Thomas McCloskey G’32 G’35

Pamela McDowell G’25

Jacob McEntire ’10

Carolyn Anderson McGuckin ’53

Keith McKnight ’04

Marion McLauchlan G’30

Julia McMillan ’09

Payne McMillan ’11

Christine McPeak AFSA and
+++Christopher McPeak P’12 P’14

Marianne Wehner Mebane ’48

Lindsey Melas ’07

Charles Meyer ’77

Elizabeth Clark Miller ’43

Kimberly Miller and Kiongoza Sullivan P’24

Shelley and Arthur Miller G’27

Tracy Mills and Kent Julye P’22

Louise Schutz Minor ’67 and Albert Minor

Carol Moore

Ernestine Moore G’23

Elizabeth Mosley* AFSA

Sandra Scott Mraz AFSA and Dave Mraz P’09

Srimati Mukherjee P’14

Russell Nadel ’01 and Tara Nadel

Barbara and Ken Neuberger G’19 G’22

Shira Neuberger and Kelly Durand P’19 P’22

Katherine and Nicholas Newell P’31 P’34

Lindsay ● and Paul Newlon P’27 P’31

and Paul Newlon P’27 P’31

Matthew Nunn ’05 and Maryrose Myrtetus ’05

Richard and Maureen Nunn P’05

Alexandra Nuzhdin ’13

Dana O’Brien ’70 and John O’Shea

Monica and Nathan Osborne P’19 P’20 P’24

Viktoriya Osipova and Igor Nikulin P’19

Deborra Sines Pancoe ◆ AFSA and Craig Pancoe AFSA

Bernard and Mary Grace Panzak P’17

Amy Wynn Pastor ’94

Kenneth Patrick P’03 P’06

Scott Peirce ’79

Donald Perelman and Elise Singer P’06

Kathryn and Hector Perez P’19 P’21

Nina and Josh Peskin P’29

Charles and Ruth Peterson

Jane Piecuch and David Fine P’20

James Pierson AFSA and Cheryl Pierson P’05 P’08

Jason Pizzi ’93

Ellen and Jeffrey Plaut P’23

Michelle ● and Thomas Podulka P’18 P’25

Lynn and Joseph Pokrifka P’15 P’17 P’20

Ashanti Prentice and Aaron Wood P’26

Jessica Prince Wolfish and Eric Wolfish P’33 P’35

Elizabeth and Al Puntel G’25

Michelle and Michael Quirk P’23

Mrinmoyee Racker ’14

Jennifer and John Raynor P’30

Elizabeth Rech ’70

Jane Rech ’81

Susan Burich Redding ’67

Diane Benson Reed ’49

Rusty Regalbuto ● P’02 P’11

Ann Fleming Reid ’68

Catrina Reinhold ’25

Lindsay and Ross Reinhold P’25 P’26

Tristan Reinhold ’26

Jane Foster Rhein ’40

Cherylann Rider

Maria and Eric Rieders P’11 P’14

Clark Riley

Warren and Elaine Robinson P’23

Simon and Kim Rosen P’12 P’14

Noah Rosenfeld ’17

Elisa and John Rosenwinkel P’19

Elana Rosof P’22

Benjamin Roth ’02

Andrea Routzahn P’10

Darcy Clark Rowell ’67 and John Rowell

Amy and Mitchell Russell P’11 P’16

Donna Russo P’05

Glen Sacks and William Valerio P’14

Andrew Sage ’17

Mindy ● and Stephen Sage P’17

Donald and Dawn Salmon P’05 P’06

Daniel Samuels ’06 and Hannah Friedland

James Samuels P’22

Robert Sanchez P’03 P’05

Mark Sandos ’91

Alan and Suzanne Saposnik G’32

Aram Sarkisian and Sandra Laiss-Sarkisian P’30

Kenan Sayers ’18

Margaret◆ and Steven Sayers P’16 P’18

Sandy Sborofsky and David Calloway G’32

Martha Scache ●

Judy Schatz AFSA and Robin McEntire P’02 P’06 P’10

Brian Schiff ● and Susan Kardon

Christine Ward Schmidt ’67 AFSA

Jane Jordan Schmitz ’55

Barbara Danehower Schnur ’55 P’81

Randy J. Schwartz AFSA and Jay Finestone

Gail Rosenau Scott ’64 and Thomas Quinlan P’85 P’87

Patricia Scott ’76

Miriam Segal and Ilya Rozenbaum P’24

Jamie and Scott Seibert P’24

Judie and Paul Seibert G’24

Kim Selman P’25

Sandi Seveland G’23

Angela and Mujahid Shakur P’23 P’26

Ora Sheares G’05 G’08 G’10

Ambie and Mike Shellenberger G’29 G’32

Christina and Matthew Shellenberger P’29 P’32

Julia Shepard ’15

Hal and Fran Sheppard P’16

Heidi Shore-Brown AFSA

Chris and Sophie Simpson P’24

Lynda Singleton-McClary and Michael McClary P’22

Robert and Beverly Sitrin P’02

Matt ● and Antoinette Slagter P’17

Alan and Ruth Smith P’77 P’80 P’83 P’84 G’12 G’15

Arlis Smith P’22

Cyd and Stanley Smith P’13 P’17 P’18

Jane Smith ’80 and Jeffrey Ginsberg P’12 P’14

Joan Smith G’28

Mark ● and Sarah Smith P’32 P’34

Oscar and Mary Smith  G’27 G’27

Oscar Smith and Desmona Durant-Smith P’27 P’27

Deirdre Rhoads Snyder ’62 and W. Lloyd Snyder

Sharyn Solomon P’97

Justin Solonynka ● and Courtney Gable P’29

Richard and Elizabeth Soltan P’08 P’10

Dong Son and Tuyen Le P’23

Tom and Carolyn Spencer

Brian Spiewak ’03

Doris Spike AFSA

Bryant Taggart Steele ’56

Justine Stehle and R. Tyson Smith P’24

John Stinson and Jennifer Starrels P’25

Dale and Kristen Stirzel P’24

Carrie and Scot Stone P’30 P’32

Valerie and Jeffrey Stone P’20

Carolyn Blount Street ’44

Jeremy Sullivan ’94 and Amy Widestrom P’27 P’30

Lillian Swanson AFSA and Dave Warner

Sarah Sweeney-Denham◆

Susan Gerlitz Tam ’64 and Phillip Tam

Danielle and Harold Tate P’22

Yvonne Thomas-Curry and Kenneth Curry P’22

Raymond and Deloris Thomas P’18

Ann Thompson and Patrick Mutchler P’07 P’11

Erin ● and John Timmer P’27 P’29

Eugenia Timmer G’27 G’29

Nicole Toizer ’89

Stephen and Alison Tomlinson P’24 P’27

Robert Topkis ’87 and Jamie Topkis

Stuart and Zelda Topkis P’87

Frances Conkey Trafton ’66

Jonathan Treadwell P’19 P’22

Lobsang Tsomo and Lobsang Thupten P’24 P’26

Drew Tucker ’83

Makeda Turner P’25

Troy Unverdruss ’00

Joanna ● and Nicholas Upmeyer P’32 P’35

Carina Urbach AFSA and David Urbach 

Toni Vahlsing ● and Antony Dugdale P’18 P’20

Diane Vernon P’76◆

Ginger Gable Vitty ’53

Wendy Wagner

Gary ’87 and Sloane Waldman ● P’18 P’22

Maggie Waldman ’22

Sophie Waldman ’18

Stacy Wanerman ’11

Katrina and Martin Washington P’30

Malikha Washington and Gregg Moritz P’23 P’24

Betsy Waters ●

Douglas Watford ’17

Gwendolyn Watkins G’32

Gordon Watts ’84 and Kathleen Watts

William Weary AFSA

Colin Webb ’95 and Laura Webb

Maureen Weiner P’07

Richard Wertime P’97 P’02

Brent Whitman ’80 and Doug Jensen

Susan Barnes Whyte ’71

Kevin and Dawn Williams P’12 P’15

Byron and Cynthia Wilson P’05 P’08 P’10

James and Emma Wilson G’05 G’08 G’10

Taylor Witter-Guzman ’12

Carol Wolf ● and Ana Maria Garcia P’21

Wesley Wolf and Catherine Hunt P’09

Janet and William Woods P’14

Sally Atkinson Woolston ’65

Richard Wordinger AFSA

Rachel Yakobashvili ’16

Rossana and Rich Zapf P’22 P’25

Laura Zingle ’99 AFSA

Robert and Marion Zingle P’99

Patricia Rosenau Ziplow ’78 AFSA


A fund created to support a renovation of the Muller Auditorium lobby and Arts Wing corridor.

The Arnold Family

+++Michael and Lauren Arnold P’99 P’01 G’33 G’35

+++Jenna Arnold ‘99 and Jeremy Goldberg P’33 P’35

Allison Kanofsky Berg ’89 and Larry Berg

Donna Bleznak Keller and Stefan Keller P’23

Class of 2020

Reina and Michael Cohen P’23 P’26

Robby Cohen and Debby Peikes G’23 G’26

Edward and Mary Hayes G’19 G’21 G’27

Ross◆ and Lori Shanken P’17 P’20 P’24


Abington Monthly Meeting of Friends

Emily Camp-Landis P’22

Beipeng Dai and Liangmei Wang P’20

Benjamin and Karen Hoyle P’00 P’03 P’07

Malvern Bank

Lynne Koolpe Mass AFSA and Burton Mass G’20

Colleen and Mark Mele P’19 P’21 P’23

Ruth Bornholdt Olsson P’86 P’90

Bethany Perry and Seth Newman P’19 P’21

The Philadelphia Foundation

Suzanne and Jeremy Pitcairn P’17 P’20

Jack and Andrea Platt P’17

Eric and Linda Podietz P’08 P’11

John and Laura Salmon

James Samuels P’22

Lynne Sklar

Stratis Iot, Inc.

T. Wister Brown Teachers’ Fund

The Light Keepers Legacy Society honors those who have arranged to support AFS through a planned or estate gift.

Barry Bedrick AFSA and Susan Bedrick

Mary Helen Bickley*

Christopher Biehn ’83 and Julie Biehn

Marcia Boraas and Eugene Lugano P’10 P’13

Allison Boyle

Sally Goldschmeding Branch ’64

Carl Brehmer* AFSA

Carol Brick ’62

Mary Buckman ’74

Alice Atkinson Christie ’63

Marsha Cohen ’82 and Peter Lubowitz

Stephen Collins P’07 P’10

Evelyn Steelman Doane ’52

Nathan Gaskill*

David Goodman*

Marion Graham*

Alexandra Hanson ’74

Robert and Charlene Hills P’06 P’08

Peggy Hurst* ’42

Julia Cheyney Knickerbocker* ’38

Donald Knight*

Peter Kollros and Barbara Konkle P’00 P’03

Elizabeth Mayers ’63

Kevin and Margie McGlynn P’09 P’11

Hilda Notley* P’79

Anne Peterson Ogan ’65 and Nick Ogan

Regina Hallowell Peasley*

Jane Cobourn Riley* ’54

LaRue Schutz* P’67

Elizabeth Smith*

Mary Strang ’46

Marian Sullivan*

Herbert Taylor*

Anna Taylor*

Evelyn Tyson* 1917

Natalie Tyson* 1914

Richard Wordinger AFSA

Elizabeth Zeliff*


Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)
A Pennsylvania state tax credit program through which businesses can provide tuition assistance for qualifying AFS students. 

Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated

Steven and Ricki Fisher P’13

IMC Construction

David Lincoln

Malvern Bank

PEI-Genesis, Inc.

SofterWare, Inc.

Friends Collaborative
Through AFS’s membership in the Friends Collaborative, friends of AFS now have the opportunity to receive PA state tax credits for supporting tuition assistance for AFS students. 

Cindy Balick◆ P’13 P’19 P’19 

Marc and David Berman P’19 P’20 

Steven and Ilene Berman P’04 P’06

Nina and David Bisbee P’16

Stephanie and Rusty Carfagno 

Regis and Ana Carvalho P’28 P’31

Debra Cipriani and Glenn Boyd P’14

Deborah Co and Walter Weir P’22

Jennifer Couzin-Frankel and Richard Frankel P’27

Matt Eskin ● and Kristin Romens P’27 P’32

Susan and Stewart Fisher P’13

Dominique Gerard● and Brian Knowles

Kevin and Janet Gift G’27 G’31

Ahashta Johnson and Daniel Odom-Woodlin P’22 P’30

Suzanne Martin and Scott Rubin P’24

BA McGettigan

Gemma and Jonathan Mears

Colleen and Mark Mele P’19 P’21 P’23

Karen Mileti-Merritt P’21 and William Merritt P’21

Holly and Barry Myers P’11 P’13

Mark O’Donnell and Jamey Delaplane P’24

Hetal and Vishal Patel P’30

Andrea and Jack Platt P’17

Lynn and Joseph Pokrifka P’15 P’17 P’20

Christine and Bob Pugh P’22

Steven and Marcella Ridenour P’99 G’32

Margaret◆ and Steven Sayers P’16 P’18 

Irvin◆ and Marilyn Schorsch P’20 

Peter Schorsch ’75 and Bonnie Dawson Schorsch ’75 P’03 P’10 P’13

Andy and Kim Sears

Ross◆ and Lori Shanken P’17 P’20 P’24 

Jacqui and Jay Silverman P’19

Joanne Solakian and James Wang P’24 P’27

Anne Moch Steinberg and David Steinberg P’17 P’19

Sue and Rich Tressider P’18


The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program (OSTC)
Similar to EITC, the OSTC program provides tax credits to eligible businesses contributing to an Opportunity Scholarship Organization. 

Comcast Corporation

UGI Storage Company

UHS of Pennsylvania, Inc.


Angelo Adams Memorial Fund at AFS

Colleen and Edmund Bowman P’13

Elizabeth G. Smith Scholarship Trust

Elizabeth Taylor Fund

Charles H. and Annetta R. Masland Foundation

Lynne Koolpe Mass Talented & Creative Teacher Fund

Mary Lynn Ellis Poetry Program

Ruth Bornholdt Olsson P’86 P’90

The Philadelphia Foundation

John and Laura Salmon

Lynne Sklar

Christopher Stetser ’75


* Deceased

◆ School Committee 

● Faculty & Staff

Donor lists reflect gifts made between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. 

Thank you to our generous donors and supporters! Every effort has been made to accurately reflect all donations. Please contact Mat Turner at if you find an error or omission. To ensure your name is included in our 2021-2022 Annual Report of Donors, please make your Fund for AFS gift today.

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