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During the pandemic, AFS Theatre presented the world with Hear My Song: A Musical Message of Hope and Possibility from their fall production. Learn more about the project.

The AFS Upper School fall musical Songs for a New Worldopened to rave reviews in November 2019. The show is a cult favorite known as a “song cycle” and treated sold-out audiences to a series of sixteen very different songs. Each night, the musical took the audience through a moving journey, telling the interconnected stories of human existence through dramatic music and song.  

AFS was pleased to have the talents of designer Jim “Jeep” Pyne, who is recently retired from People’s Light & Theatre Company to work with the talented crew on set design.

The Independence Awards, which honor outstanding student theater performances and productions in the Philadelphia region, honored the school’s Songs for a New World  production, garnering recognition in 9 categories with 11 nominations total, including Outstanding Achievements in Overall Show. 

  • Outstanding Achievements in Overall Show: Songs for a New World
  • Outstanding Achievements by a Supporting Actress: Halle Jacobson ’20 and Sophie Pugh ’22
  • Outstanding Achievements by a Supporting Actor Zachary Ford ’20
  • Outstanding Achievements by a Featured Actress Katie Brady-Gold ’22 and Devyn Costello-Henderson ’21
  • Outstanding Achievements by a Vocalist Actress: Sophie Pugh ’22
  • Outstanding Achievements by a Vocalist Actor: Zachary Ford ’20
  • Outstanding Achievements by an Orchestra: Abington Friends School Pit Band
  • Outstanding Achievements in Lights: Abington Friends School Light 
  • Outstanding Achievements in Creative Leadership: Noah Vinogradov ’21
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