2020 Upper School Athletic Awards

83 Award – Awarded to any student-athlete who participates in 3 seasons of interscholastic athletics during each of their eight years in middle and upper school. – Tobias Avery

17 Season Recognition – Amira Parker

11 Season Award – Brianna Davis

Thode Athlete Awards  Awarded to that member of each AFS Varsity team who, by consensus of the players and coaches, best represents the team and the school. 

Basketball – Maxwell Emery
Basketball – Aniyah Hayward
Basketball – Paige Mott
Cross-Country – Noah Vinogradov
Cross-Country – Charly Avril
Indoor Track – Taylor Zavala
Indoor Track – Von Curry
Wrestling – Bella Washington-Vasquez
Wrestling – Clay Lewis
Soccer – Kai Haynes
Soccer – Kareena Mehrotra
Soccer – Maya Muller
Swimming – Chloe Cohen
Swimming – Max Newman
Tennis – Amira Parker

Personal Fitness Recognition: Lucas Garcia, Amira Shakur

Excellence in Strength & Conditioning: Jordan Drucker, Maggie Waldman, Katherine Tang, David Jordan, Jason Wu

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