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East Coast/West Coast

When Loghan Thain visited Stanford University, he borrowed a bicycle after dinner and set off on his own to explore the campus. His curiosity led him from one building to another, pedaling down whatever path opened up in front of him. “I really got lost on the campus. There were so many things I just couldn’t miss,” he said.

Despite losing his bearings, Loghan had found what he wanted in a college. “After my visit, I said, ‘This is a place I can see myself’.”

Ryan Keaton, Director of College Guidance, helped open Loghan’s eyes to consider an education on the West Coast. “I talked to Ryan about how conflicted I was and she mentioned something I hadn’t considered. I’m an East Coast guy. But Stanford offered a chance to see a whole different part of the country.”

Loghan plans to study economics and mechanical engineering at Stanford.

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