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Lower School Spring Program

Friday, June 3
9 a.m. Grades 1 – 4
10:45 a.m. Early-Childhood and Kindergarten

Community Spring Festival: A Story of Resilience
Directed by Keisha Hirlinger

Our story takes place in a land surrounded by towns with beautiful natural beauty. Every year, the towns compete for the most beautiful nature spectacle in the Community Spring Festival. This year is a particularly special year because it is the year of the Rising Orange Moon. This only happens every 50 years. Whatever town wins during this particular time,  is said to have good fortune for the coming year.

We see our group leaders leading their townspeople through the various displays of splendor accompanied by dancing and singing and playing instruments. However, in every town, we see that the people are worried and afraid because they think that the task is just too great and too hard. They worry that they will not learn everything that they need to because it is challenging and they worry they will mess up or make their town lose. Throughout the story, the group leaders remind the people that they can do the hard things, that they believe in them and that they have to believe in themselves. They encourage them  to push through the hard moments to get to the reward on the other side where they will see just how capable they are. We also hear the narrators talk about how this is a process and that what matters most is working together as a community to create something great. We watch as each of the towns gain inspiration and encouragement from the group leaders who invite them to watch their own practice where they see them make mistakes, fail, and try again, until they ultimately create a spectacular performance.

In the end, the narrators who we discover are also the judes and have been watching all of this unfold, cannot choose just one winner. They decide that since everyone showed such resilience and strength that they all deserve to share the trophy, which will travel from town to town over the course of the year. And if the legend is true, maybe they all will benefit from a little bit of the Rising Orange Moon’s good luck.

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