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Now more Than Ever
Help us flourish ⟩


We are thrilled to announce that
Abington Friends School has broken ground on the

Richard N. Berman Athletics Center

Thanks to generous donors to Now More Than Ever: The Campaign for
Abington Friends School, this $9 million athletics center will be a dramatic
expansion of our athletics and physical education facilities.

Watch Video of the Ceremonial

$8,400,000 Has Been Pledged To Date

Athletics Center Phase I ($9 Million)
Track and Field Phase II ($3 Million)

Together – as families, faculty and staff, alumni and friends who understand the difference AFS makes in the
world every day – we are taking bold steps forward to advance our school and mission.
Have questions about the campaign? Contact Courtney Marsallo at or 215.690.7673.

Phase I

Anticipated Completion: Summer 2019

A new Athletics Center
will be a flagship facility
for welcoming the larger
community to AFS.

The new Athletics Center will include:

  • A beautifully appointed lobby and gathering space
  • A competition basketball court that accommodates two practice courts
  • Expanded spectator seating
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center
  • A spacious training room
  • Team rooms and locker rooms
  • A flexible multi-purpose space for yoga, dance and community events

The facility will provide versatile and welcoming space for physical education, team practices, games and AFS community activities.

Learn More About Richard N. Berman
Richard N. Berman

Richard N. Berman

Richard N. Berman was a deeply beloved brother, son, uncle, father and grandfather in the extended Berman family, a family closely tied to the AFS community. As leaders in the Now More Than Ever Campaign, the Berman family sought to both advance the mission of AFS through the beautiful new Richard N. Berman Athletics Center and to honor the memory of Richard.

Richard was known to all – among fellow business leaders, friends, family and in the larger community – as a man of great compassion, integrity, care for others and community involvement. He lived a life of accomplishment in business leadership and contribution to the community with humility and an uncommonly generous spirit. Above all, Richard was deeply devoted to his wife, Sharyn, their six children, his loving parents, three brothers and many nieces and nephews.

Richard Berman’s life-long interest in athletics, well-being and teamwork make the Richard N. Berman Athletics Center all the more fitting in his memory. We are proud to celebrate Richard’s life and honor his memory with the Berman family in the naming of this beautiful new building.


Phase II

A long-awaited all-weather track and turf field will provide a home for our successful and growing three-season track program, and a year-round outdoor surface for soccer, lacrosse and physical education.

Campaign Committee and Donors

Campaign Leadership Committee

The Campaign Leadership Committee (CLC) is comprised of a team of lead volunteers and School leadership who have been working since late 2016 to advance Now More Than Ever: The Campaign for Abington Friends School. CLC members are parents, alumni and alumni parents in the AFS community, all deeply committed to the school and its values. They serve as supporters of and ambassadors for Now More Than Ever and, in doing so, help strengthen AFS for students today and in the future.


  • Marc and David Berman P’19 P’20
  • Susan Salesky Rudin ’57

Volunteer Members

  • Cindy Balick P’13 P’19 P’19
  • Amy Brantz Bedrick P’15
  • Carolyn Jackson P’27 P’27
  • Margaret Sayers P’16 P’18
  • Ross Shanken P’17 P’20 P’24
  • Susan Tressider P’18

School Leadership

  • Rich Nourie, Head of School
  • Devin Schlickmann, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement
  • Courtney Marsallo, Director of Major Giving


School Committee

The School Committee, comprised of current and alumni parents, alumni, and members of the Abington Monthly Meeting, sets the strategic direction and vision for the School and ensures ongoing faithfulness to our Quaker mission and values. As trustees, School Committee members have fiduciary responsibility and lead the philanthropic culture of the community with their strong support of the Annual Fund and capital campaigns such as Now More Than Ever.

  • Cindy Balick P’13 P’19 P’19
  • Marc Berman P’19 P’20
  • Amy Brantz Bedrick P’15
  • Rebecca Ethridge Bubb ’02 P’33 P’35
  • Loyda Camacho P’20
  • David Campbell P’11 P’14 P’21
  • Carl Hemenway P’04
  • Claudia Lewis P’17 P’20 P’22
  • Susan Salesky Rudin ’57
  • Deborra Sines Pancoe, AFSA
  • Tracey Sandmeyer P’08 P’11
  • Margaret Sayers P’16 P’18, Clerk
  • Adam Schorsch ’03
  • Irvin Schorsch III P ’20
  • Ross Shanken P’17 P’20 P’24
  • Michael Sperger P’15 P’18 P’21
  • Sarah Sweeney-Denham
  • Diane Vernon P’76


Campaign Donors

AFS is deeply grateful to the following donors who have supported Now More Than Ever with gifts and pledges totaling $8.4 million, as of January 30, 2019:

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Leonard and Madlyn Abramson
  • AFS Daisy Troop #7002
  • Alicia and Christopher Agoglia P’14 P’16
  • Kenneth and Diane Ahl P’01 P’05
  • Richard Ahl ’05 and Samantha Rothberg
  • Airan-Javias P’27 P’30
  • Gina and Isaac Baah P’20
  • The Balick Family
  • Matt Balick ’13 and Nicole Goroshovsky ’13
  • Jordan and Pierre Bastien P’28
  • Carol and Bruce Beaton P’10
  • Amy Brantz Bedrick and Rick Bedrick P’15
  • Doris Benfer G’24
  • Thomas Bengtston
  • Allison Kanofsky Berg ’89 and Larry Berg
  • Fred and Bryna Berman P’08
  • Jordan and Deanna Berman G’04 G’06 G’08 G’19 G’20 GG’30
  • Marc and David Berman P’19 P’20
  • Sharyn Berman G’30
  • Steve and Ilene Berman Family Foundation
  • David and Nina Bisbee P’16
  • Marcia Boraas and Eugene Lugano P’10 P’13
  • Joan N. Brantz G’15
  • Rebecca Ethridge Bubb ’02 and Michael Bubb ’03, P’33 P’35
  • Christopher Butters and Bette Druck
  • Jillian Stauffer Butters ’08 and Alejandro Butters
  • Genevieve Schmidt Camacho and Thomas Quinn P’20 P’23
  • Loyda Camacho and Jerry Fluellen P’20
  • The Campbell Family
  • Jocelyn Faulkner Casey ’97 and James Casey
  • Stephen and Riza Cebula P’24
  • Darren Check ’92 and Priya Jairaj Check ’91
  • Karen Cheney and Tom Avril P’16 P’21
  • Aleese Chorice P’28
  • Heather Clark and Joseph Quinn P’30
  • Michael and Reina Cohen P’23 P’26
  • Anne Schreiber Collins ’48
  • Stacey and Daniel Cunitz P’22
  • Davatzes Family Foundation
  • Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
  • Gene and Joyce Douglas G’16 G’18
  • Eileen Dunn and Sean Graber P’26 P’29
  • Karolye Eldridge
  • Michael Erlich P’20
  • Scott Erman ’86 and Nancy Erman
  • Matthew Eskin and Kristin Romens P’27 P’32
  • Gail Faulkner and John Oyler P’95 P’97 P’98 P’00
  • Karen Feisullin and Stephen Chrzanowski P’24 P’28
  • Julia and Samuel Finney P’16
  • Susan and Stewart Fisher P’13
  • The Fishman Family
  • Carol Frieder, AFSA and Samuel Frieder, P’76 P’80 P’82 P’85
  • Samuel Frieder ’82 and Wendy Frieder
  • G.W. Jr. Music, Inc.
  • John and Beverly Gandolfo
  • Donna Garner G’20
  • Lindsey Garrison ’07
  • Kathleen and Leonard Garza P’13 P’14 P’15
  • Saly A. Glassman and Ira S. Berman/YouThePlanet Foundation
  • Marjorie and Howard Gleit P’89
  • Ann Packer Guillot ’66
  • Matthew and Audra Gurin P’12 P’14
  • Edward and Mary Hayes G’19 G’21
  • In Honor of Lena Ingerman
  • In Honor of Louis Platt ’17
  • In Honor of Richa Chauhan
  • Elliot Ingerman
  • Ira Ingerman G’13 G’19
  • Randi Ingerman
  • Carolyn and Gabriel Jackson P’27 P’27
  • Ahashta Johnson and Daniel Odom-Woodlin P’22 P’30
  • Rachel Kane, AFSA
  • Arati Karnik and Lex Denysenko P’28 P’30
  • Margaret Keane and Steven Locke P’13 P’15
  • Donna Bleznak Keller and Stefan Keller P’23
  • Hossein Kholghi and Victoria Mikus
  • Maria Kiernan and Salvatore G. Rotella, Jr. P’20
  • Kimberly and Daniel Kilpatrick P’22
  • Jonathan Korein and Jane Rovins P’07 P’11 G’27
  • Robert Krull G’23 G’27
  • Wayne Kurtz and Lisa Treadway-Kurtz P’14 P’18 P’22
  • Fiona Kyck and Paul Rossi P’24 P’27
  • David Leeser ’88 and Jodi Leeser
  • Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation
  • Margaret Lockwood ’90 and William Ross
  • Susan and Terrance Lohr P’24 P’24
  • Kathryn Lopez
  • Andrea and Thomas Macey P’17
  • Jonathan Makler ’95 and Elise Makler
  • Todd and Susan Makler P’92 P’95
  • Carl and Marla Manstein P’08 P’12
  • Courtney and Matt Marsallo
  • Anne and Phillip Martin P’27
  • Lynne Koolpe Mass, AFSA, and Burton Mass, G’20
  • Elizabeth Mayers ’63
  • Claire McCusker and Jonathan Levy P’19
  • John McGlynn ’09
  • Kelly McGlynn ’11
  • Margie and Kevin McGlynn P’09 P’11
  • Michelle McKiernan and Stephen Conway P’32
  • Keith McKnight ’04
  • Jacqueline Miles-Sousa P’19 P’22
  • Rosanne Mistretta and Steve Miano P’09 P’12
  • Holly and Barry Myers P’11 P’13
  • Shira Neuberger and Kelly Durand P’19 P’22
  • Lindsay and Paul Newlon P’27 P’31
  • Rich and Robin Nourie P’10 P’13
  • Deborra Sines Pancoe, AFSA, and Craig Pancoe, AFSA
  • Bernard and Mary Grace Panzak P’17
  • Kathryn and Hector Perez P’19 P’21
  • The Perry Family
  • Bethany Perry and Seth Newman P’19 P’21
  • Pine Forest Camp
  • Mira Rabin and Tom Whitman P’19
  • Alize and Aaron Rabinowitz P’23 P’25
  • Janani Rangaswami
  • Jake and Betsy Roak G’22 G’24 G’27
  • Jill and Gary Rosenfeld P’17
  • Noah Rosenfeld ’17
  • Susan Salesky Rudin ’57
  • Amy and Mitch Russell P’11 P’16
  • Daniel Samuels ’06
  • James Samuels P’22
  • Robert Sanchez P’03 P’05
  • Rodney and Tracey Sandmeyer P’08 P’11
  • Aram Sarkisian and Sandra Laiss-Sarkisian P’30
  • Margaret and Steven Sayers P’16 P’18
  • Martha Scache
  • Devin and Megan Schlickmann
  • Irvin and Marilyn Schorsch P’20
  • Peter ’75 and Bonnie Schorsch ’75, P’03 P’10 P’13
  • Catherine Matlock-Shally and Rudolph Shally P’16 P’19
  • Ross and Lori Shanken P’17 P’20 P’24
  • Arlen and Marijke Shenkman P’20 P’25
  • Jacqui and Jay Silverman P’19
  • Matthew Silverstein ’96
  • Richard A. Simon ’82
  • The Sperger Family
  • Amy and Michael Solwecki
  • Gregg Stein
  • David and Anne Steinberg P’17 P’19
  • Marianna and Michael Sullivan P’94 P’98 G’27 G’30
  • Sarah Sweeney-Denham and Dan Denham
  • Ann Thompson and Patrick Mutchler P’07 P’11
  • Tyson Memorial Fund
  • Diane Vernon P’76
  • Gary Waldman ’87 and Sloane Waldman, P’18 P’22
  • Christine J. Washington P’94 G’23
  • Malikha Washington and Gregg Moritz P’23 P’24
  • Cynthia and Daniel Weinstock P’17 P’19
  • Virginia Wilkinson, AFSA
  • The Windmill Foundation
  • Amy (Stein) Wood and Family
  • Coleen Young and Jonathan Waldman P’23 P’31
  • Karen Zinn and Doug Brownlie P’17



Answers To Common Questions

Why are we raising funds for Abington Friends School?

AFS has built a strong foundation with faculty excellence and distinctive student and curricular programs. It is now time to make significant upgrades to our facilities to better support our students and the AFS community. Through Now More Than Ever: The Campaign for Abington Friends School, we seek to build a multi-purpose athletics center and an all-weather track and synthetic turf field.

What is the estimated cost of the proposed projects?

Phase I will include the construction of a new $9 million Athletics Center. At the time of the groundbreaking, $8.3 million had been secured; the Campaign Leadership Committee is actively working to raise the balance needed to fully fund the project. Phase II will include the construction of a $3 million All-Weather Track and Field.

When will we begin to build?

As of May 2018 AFS has begun construction on Phase I. Construction for Phase II will begin when 100% of the required funds for the project have been raised in cash and/or pledges.

How will campaign gifts be used?

All contributions made to this campaign can only be used for the projects outlined in the case for support. Campaign funds will be deposited into a separate, restricted “building fund” account and reserved only for expenses related to the expansion and renovation of the school.

How much should I give?

All members of the AFS community are invited to support this campaign. We encourage those supporting the campaign to consider making a stretch gift by pledging their support over a five-year period. AFS does not assume to know the nuances of individual financial situations, but we hope that every AFS family will consider making a gift at a level meaningful to them. Contact Courtney Marsallo, Director of Major Gifts at 215.690.7673.

What about commemorative and memorial opportunities?

Naming opportunities are available. Please contact Courtney Marsallo, Director of Major Gifts at 215.690.7673.

Is this in addition to our annual support of The Fund for AFS?

Yes, this initiative seeks gifts in addition to your yearly support of The Fund for AFS. The essential everyday needs of the operating budget, as supported by The Fund for AFS, do not disappear during a Capital Campaign. It is essential for AFS to maintain a healthy annual fund during the campaign.

In addition to my gift, how else can I help?

AFS is grateful to those community members who are willing to dedicate their time and energy, in addition to their gifts, to help advance Now More Than Ever. If you are interested in learning more about campaign volunteer opportunities, please contact Courtney Marsallo, Director of Major Giving, at 215.690.7673 or

Have Questions About The Campaign?

Contact Courtney Marsallo at or

Download Campaign Materials