Ecco Student Spotlight: Genesis Feliz

Date: 10/21/2010

MediaLibrary#1718Participating in the Philadelphia Zoo's High School Ambassador program helped Genesis explore her interest in working with animals and where that might take her career wise.

“I went to Marnie and told her I’m not sure what I want to do exactly when I graduate but I’m interested in working with animals, maybe being a veterinarian. Marnie said she had a great program for me and then helped me throughout the application process.

At the Zoo we meet every morning with our supervisor and they give us a quick lecture and flip sheets with information and preparation materials about the animals. We also get packets to read at home.

One of the things I do is bring out artifacts, such as a model of an orangutan’s hand, for example. I’ll talk about how they have long nails to pick out food and insects from the ground. We also share fun facts. For instance, people ask why there are phone books in the orangutan exhibit. The answer is we put peanut butter and raisins between the pages for them to find.

The interns have a 'focus' animal. There’s time in the day when we research an animal we’d like to do a presentation on. You get to go behind the scenes and observe the animal. I’m very interested in tortoises, but I also like bald eagles and lions. I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll focus on one of those three."