community service
Through community partnerships, we help each other understand what it means to be part of a wider community.

We strive to help students develop a lifelong commitment to service by experiencing its rewards in a variety of settings. In that spirit, we work in sustained partnership with people and agencies that are making meaningful contributions to those parts of our larger community where help is most needed. One of our major goals is to help students envision themselves as agents of social change so that they can make a positive difference in the world.

Community Service Objectives
Community service is central to a Quaker education. Not unlike many religious denominations and secular humanists, Quakers place heavy emphasis on working to improve the world we live in. The Community Service Program provides many opportunities for AFS students to apply their developing sense of commitment to justice, equity and the environment, values that are nurtured at AFS. Service further allows students the opportunity to experience marginalized communities they would perhaps not otherwise be exposed to, informing their sense of the whole of the human condition. Service, like other skills and values the School hopes to impart, needs to be taught, and through the community service program we hope AFS students acquire a sense of civic mindedness they will carry for a lifetime.