Tuition Assistance Policy and Procedures
Abington Friends School has a long history of making independent education more affordable for a widely diverse community. Since tuition alone does not cover the cost of an AFS education, all families receive some support from the School through the operating budget, endowment and annual campaign funds. Additionally, the School dedicates nearly $3.5 million in tuition assistance each year. Approximately 40% of AFS families receive tuition assistance. Grants are need-based, and vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

The tuition assistance process begins in early November with the availability of the online PFS (Parent Financial Statement) through SSS (School and Student Services). Families are encouraged to complete their application as soon as possible as tuition assistance funds are limited.

Qualifying for Tuition Assistance

• A student must be currently enrolled or applying for admission for the next academic year.
• There must be a demonstrated need for tuition assistance according to the required documentation.
• A student’s account must be in good standing or have a mutually agreed upon plan in place.

Applying for Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance funds at AFS are limited, so it is critical that families complete and submit the Parent Financial Statement via SSS Online and submit all other tuition assistance materials as early as possible. The Parent Financial Statement can be accessed online at . You can request a copy of the assessment sheet SSS provides to AFS for an additional fee. To do so, check the appropriate box on the Parent Financial Statement before submission.

In addition to completing the Parent Financial Statement, you are required to submit the following Tuition Assistance Application materials to SSS:

2014 Tax Returns – 1040, W-2s, and all schedules (if you have not yet filed, a copy of your 2013 return(s) with all 2014 W-2s

If you own a business – All 2014 schedules filed with the IRS (if you have not yet filed, a copy of your 2013 schedules until your 2014 are filed)

Tuition Assistance Decisions

In accordance with school policy, the Tuition Assistance Committee makes all decisions regarding tuition assistance. We consider each family’s application individually. There are no income floors or ceilings to qualify for tuition assistance. Rather, the Tuition Assistance Committee takes into account multiple factors including home equity, second home ownership, consumer debt, number of children attending tuition-charging institutions and more.

Families are notified of tuition grants by mail and are expected to respond by the deadline stated in the Grant Notification Letter. If the School is not in receipt of a signed grant letter by that time, the grant may be forfeited. If a family is unable to enroll a child at Abington Friends School for financial reasons, any deposit received by the School will be refunded to the family provided notification is given before the published deadline on the notification letter.

All information received by the Tuition Assistance Committee is held in strict confidence. Families receiving assistance are asked to observe the same strict confidentiality. Any breach in confidentiality may result in loss of tuition assistance funds.

Tuition Assistance from Outside Sources

Abington Friends School works very hard each year to support our families as best we can. However, there is never quite enough funding to meet the total need. We encourage families to seek funds from constituents and outside organizations to supplement the School’s tuition assistance program. In some cases, these funds are included as part of the total tuition assistance grant from AFS.

Submission of 2013 Tax Returns

While we only require that you submit a copy of your 2013 tax return for the tuition assistance awards process, the award will not be applied to your account until we receive a copy of your 2014 tax return. To ensure your account reflects the correct payment schedule for the 2015-2016 school year, you must submit your 2014 tax return to the AFS Tuition Assistance Office no later than May 1, 2015.

Additional Information

Abington Friends School considers the assets of both natural/legal parents in all tuition assistance decisions, including cases of divorce or separation. If a custodial parent has remarried, AFS will also consider the assets of the stepparent while bearing in mind the financial obligation of all dependents. Thus, both natural/legal parents must submit all required documents in order to be considered for tuition assistance at AFS.

Independent school education requires a significant financial commitment on the part of families. The School asks that all families give their children’s education high priority in their financial planning and consider all resources before applying for tuition assistance from AFS. Please keep in mind that afterschool care, books, supplies, and lunches are in addition to tuition and are not covered by tuition assistance.

Please feel free to call our office at (215) 886-4350 should you have any questions.